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Unexpected Music

  Apologies for the long gap since my last blog entry.  First I went on holiday and when I returned there were a lot of other things taking my time and attention. Returning to worship in Church involved a lot of preparation. The live worship experience was great but short lived as our Circuit wisely responded to the local restrictions by suspending worship until things improve in Liverpool.  The weekly routine of printing off and delivering worship resources is a rhythm which could become monotonous but throws up moments of joy, for example when I actually see the person whose door I am putting the letter though. One of the unexpected pleasures this week was coming across a hymn/song which I hadn't heard before. In checking out one of the hymns chosen for our Circuit You Tube Service I cam across another with the same title.  You can read the words below and listen/watch on You Tube. What I like about this hymn is the way that it develops the familiar words of Psalm 19 verse 14: &q

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